Fireball Sailing at Gosford Sailing Club
The Fireball is an exciting 5 meter long sailing dinghy with mainsail, Jib, spinnaker and trapeze, delivering great performance and exciting sailing for the crew of two.  Fireballs sail in the GSC Mixed Fleet Division but we also run our own Championship series during the season and travel away to events such as the ACT Dinghy Championships and the Batemans Bay Regatta.

The Fireball can be sailed successfully by a wide range of crews, from teenagers to adults.
The Fireball Association of NSW is happy to make available a Fireball at the GSC for the use of or purchase by interested sailors and may be rented for short periods or used for longer periods during the season, on a first come first served basis.
If you would like more information about sailing Fireballs at Gosford please email us at:
or phone 0421 612 919.