The Gosford Sailing Club runs fleets for Sabots & Flying 11′s, each Saturday throughout the sailing season.

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For more information contact the Gosford Sailing Club: 02 4325 7216

It’s Easy to Join

Get a boat and come on down to the Gosford Sailing Club….

  1. You must become a junior sailing member of the Gosford Sailing Club
  2. Register with the Junior section.
  3. You must have Insurance that includes $10m Public liabilty and 3rd Party Insurance
  4. Get the right safety gear, and have it all checked by one of the safety auditors.


  • Identification of 2-ups: number “2’’ 50x8mm on transom
  • (Boat/Sail identification numbers are a normal racing requirement)
  • Sail release: Able to lower sail from within boat
  • Paddle: 150x150mm with suitable length lanyard
  • Hand bailer: Min 2 litre with suitable length lanyard
  • Tow rope: To extend 2 boat lengths beyond the bow – min 60mm and secured
  • Rudderbox: Metal pin to attach rudder box or fixed rudder to gudgeons
  • Centreboard: Suitably attached so if capsized it will not fall from case
  • Rudder blade: Suitably attached so if capsized it will not fall from case.


  • Name, registered number and club name to be displayed on transom
    At least 50mm high of contrasting colour
  • Buoyancy vests must be worn
  • Boats must have a 38mm diameter tow ring at the bow
  • Towline (mainsheet may be used if it can be unbent)
  • Mainsail must have a halyard or lock which can be released on the water
  • Centreboard and rudder must be able to be secured
  • Rudder pintle or pins must have securing devices, (split pin or similar)
  • Paddle of minimum 388cm sq in size
  • Bailing bucket of minimum 2.2 litres.


Silverfleet is the junior development division of the Gosford Sailing Club (GSC).

Each Saturday is Summer we organise racing out the front of the GSC for Junior sailors who are looking to improve their sailing and racing skills. The classes sailed are Sabots & PJ’s, both 1 and 2up.

While all kids are welcome, please note that this is not a sailing school.

The GSC runs several different sailing schools for beginners. You should contact the GSC to find out more about where your child should start to learn to sail.

The Silverfleet Website is aimed at giving young sailors the information they need to get out on the water and have some fun.